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The situation of families in Moldova and how The Marriage Course can help

The family existed before school, government and even church! Surveys and statistics on the family in our country are stinging and painful. In our country, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Another important aspect is that many couples choose cohabitation, rather than marriage, as their lifestyle. Thousands of children are housed in boarding schools, while parents are at work or separated.

Figures and detailed information about family in Moldova can be found at Moldova's National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Family and Child Protection- UNICEF office in Moldova, and other institutions.

We, as children of God, we see the reality in these figures and we recognize that we live in a time of moral and spiritual decay, and the most affected place is the home, the family. The family is supposed to be the environment which educates us, prepares us, and forms our character.

What is important work with families? Why is it important to work in the family?
Every man and every woman who is already married, and those who are planning to be married, should be aware that the family in a way is the image of heaven.
-- Each family gets its name from God - Ephesians 3:14-19
-- The family is first and oldest institution created by God - Gen. 2
-- The family is the image and shadow of heavenly things - Hebrew 8: 5

What is this course? The Marriage Course is for any married couple who wants to build a strong and enduring relationship and make a good investment in their marriage. It is for newly married couples, and for those married for a long time; it is for those with an exemplary marriage, and for those whose marriage is turbulent or troubled. Any married couple is welcome!

The course is based on Christian principles, and although it is a beneficial for those with a Christian faith, it is designed to be beneficial for those with no faith at all. Any married couple is welcome!

Taking the course provides an opportunity to review your marriage. Each session has practical exercises, and includes teaching and a bit of homework.

During each session, after the sections of teaching, each individual partner answers questions in a workbook, then shares their answers privately with their partner. The partners grow from the discussions that develop around these answers.

Change begins with me!

Personal Reflections of Moldovan Couples about The Marriage Course (in Romanian with English subtitles)

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